Get Involved

Get Involved

Best way to Involve with SAIPAF would be by taking up a Responsibility.

You can involve us in many ways such as :


 The SAIPAF internship program is year-round and a temporary assignment.The hours and length of the internship can be adjusted depending on the needs of the department and the availability of the student.

Please find listed below a brief description of all SAIPAF departments:

· Management & Operations
· Sponsorship
· Fundraising
· Marketing & Communications
· Public Relations & Publicity
· Creative & Design
· Technical Support
· Hospitality & Guest Services
· Production
· Special Events



Join us to be part of the only Theater which is involved in bringing South Asian Theater to NYC.

We look for fun, creative and enthusiastic individuals to join us in the promotion and execution of our objectives.
Assistance is usually needed in pre-play marketing, pre-play general support, operations, box office, special events, marketing, ushering, and audience balloting.

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