• A never-before-seen single showcase that captures the essence of a region steeped in ancient wisdom provides the much-needed message of love, peace, interfaith and international harmony.

  • Performing arts move the soul, enriches the mind, and builds empathy toward people.

  • Arts not only provide entertainment, but also help better understand a culture’s depth and wisdom.

  • There’s no better way than dance, music, and drama to hear stories about regions and its people.


What we currently need ?

  • Support from everyone, who shares the SAIPAF vision. Particularly, key members of the community, and institutions serving the 8 nations represented in the festival.
  • Support and recognition by all the cultural affairs state departments, and organizations working with/for SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation).
  • Donors and sponsors to help accomplish the vision.

Next Steps:

  • Reach-out to various communities through the respective consulates.
  • Reach-out and Involve organizations and institutions with shared goals of promoting South Asian performing arts.
  • Build support and references for fundraising and sponsorships.
  • Invite and include eminent artists and art entrepreneurs to join the SAIPAF core team, as Directors, Advisors and Consultants.